Showcasing our Research at the International Microelectronics Assembly & Packaging Society (IMAPS) Symposium 2023

Posted by admin on November 30, 2023

Our lab would like to thank IMAPS for the opportunity to host a student booth and to present our research. Please watch this video to learn about how IMAPS is engaging students to learn about the packaging industry.

Our Booth at the International Microwave Symposium 2023 in San Diego

Posted by admin on June 17, 2023

Thank you to everybody who stopped by our booth at IMS 2023. We are thankful to have had the opportunity to showcase our research as part of the University Booth Program.


Orthogonal Rational Approximation (ORA)

An algorithm implemented in MATLAB® which produces a rational function approximation from Touchstone® SnP files to be integrated into circuit solvers.

Download ORAMore Information
Download the latest version of ORA for use in MATLAB®Learn more about how ORA works to generate rational function approximations.

Kappa Extractor

Kappa Extractor is a tool to extract the dielectric constant, loss tangent, and dielectric thickness from high-frequency measurements. The software is a MATLAB-based stand-alone application. It is intended to be used along with measurements taken from square cavity resonators filled with the material of interest. The project is funded as part of a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant. The principal investigator of this project is Dr. A. Ege Engin, co-investigator is Dr. Jerry Aguirre, and the GUI developer is Robert B. Paul. The manufacture of the test parts was provided by Kyocera International.

Kappa Extractor for MacKappa Extractor for WindowsTutorials
Download the latest version of Kappa Extractor to run on an Apple 64-bit operating system.Download the latest version of Kappa Extractor to run on a Windows 64-bit operating system.Find answers to FAQs and video tutorials that walk through all the steps in using Kappa Extractor.

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